Dear Jesus, I’ve Been Thinking


Dear Jesus,

I’ve been thinking, the parchment of life has many parts linking;

Individual stories aligned in synergy to solve a puzzle. Some filled with energy, radiating with solutions to life’s equations and giving answers that dazzle.

Some lives are like science discoveries, intricately unlocking profound mysteries.

Yet others manifest attributes of creativity; one creative piece perceived by many differently… a phenomena we’ll call relativity.

I’m intrigued by how these diverse minds come together like shades of paint in reverse…phychology, to reveal a picture so magnificent that it holds a poetic verse in cryptography.

Like attracts like and some hurdle together like electrons, protons and neutrons, faithfully revolving around some nucleus.

Dear Jesus,

Some don’t live up to what you made them to be; They aim low, run from responsibility, achieve less and die with eyes open which were not able to see..

People look down on themselves. They make dark doubts their center and cripple themselves. They fail to succeed, not knowing that their fear grows down their ability to exceed.

However, I understand them. Sometimes people forget that you saved them.

People are broken; They have been rejected, perveted, neglected and resented. Too afraid to hope, to addicted to stop, they bear scars from relationships that should have never been and horrific images they should have never seen.

Their shadows have spoken;

People are hurting. Fighting villains within and breaking. Falling in snares without, people are crying…

”Dear Jesus, save us,”

And so you have sent us; to be a listening ear, for souls you hold dear.

You have sent us; to give food to the hungry, say soft words to the angry.

You have sent us; to bring hope to the hopeless, and share love with the hearttless.

You have sent us; Therefore help us, to be focused and do what you made us… for. For if we fail, we are beings full of of life but not truly alive.

Tina August Kalonga


  1. Gibbz says

    Some poems are nothing but witty combinations of nice words and empty rhymes but not this one. This one is pregnant with meaning and thought provoking. Snap to the infinity..(if at all that’s possible…lol)

  2. Namasiku Simasiku says

    The mystery of life

  3. Tinyiko Lucert Kamanga says

    Dear Jesus, indeed save us.


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