Is There Hope?

I had never been to the Eastern Province before, and being on the missionary expedition with IMPACT afforded me this opportunity. The ride was a bit rough, but breathtaking. The terrain was totally beautiful, it was more beautiful than what I had imagined it to be having heard about it.

The mountains reminded me of the story I had read in the Great Controversy about the Waldensians and how The LORD had kept them in a similar type of terrain. My heart sank at the view and could not help but resound inspired whispers of awe and obeisance, “For He spoke, and it was done; He commanded, and it stood fast” Psalm 33:9.

The lofty mountains and the 7 to 8 hour drive caused me to think long and hard about my relationship with God. My head felt light and empty void of that substantial confidence that accompanies one who is sure of what they are about to undertake. I honestly did not know what to expect, despite the fact that I had been on a number of missionary expeditions prior to this one. The bus was composed of a number of different people from different backgrounds. Everyone on the bus did however belong to a group.

TSB (The Soldier Bees) was the name of the group to which I belonged and we were occasioned to be stationed in Mfuwe, particularly   in chief Kakumbi’s area. The bus dropped us off at a local Seventh – day Adventist church in Mfuwe, where we disembarked and removed all our belongings and luggage as we waited for someone to direct us to the site. The site was about 8-10 kilometers further and deeper into chief Kakumbi  village area.

Love is very active in its reality and it is dynamic. Very few have ever experienced and there are so many who need it.

As we drew closer to our camping site I was looking around at the beautiful landscape –thinking of just how this place was full of peace and serenity which is so foreign and different from Lusaka.

The settlements appearance was what startled me. There were bushes spacing households clustered together, and these households were in no way scattered but built close together. My conclusion was, maybe because of the wild animals that frequent this place, nobody would want to stay too far from everyone else just in case some prowling wild beasts were near by. After all, this village was part of the great Luangwa National game park.

We eventually got to Mwandakwisano Community School which would be our camp site and fort for the next two weeks. Here we would wage war “against principalities and powers in high places” by grace in Christ.

Love is something foreign today and my hope for having shared this introductory story to the many I’ll be sharing about the missionary expedition is to bring to light the reality of love in practice, as opposed to a mere profession of love by the lips.

Love is very active in its reality and it is dynamic. Very few have ever experienced and there are so many who need it.

This year the rains have not poured in abundance, the humidity levels are uncomfortably high and the heat is unbearable. So much discomfort is associated with this ‘global warming’ issue to the point that we are feeling and seeing the consequences on a personal level. Anyone who would comment about the weather in the December –post- January period of 2015-16 wouldn’t agree more.

However, even amidst this weird discomfort we can experience happiness that this world can never quiet down. Regardless of the heat and uncomfortable weather, we can never have outbursts of uncontrollable rage towards another person. Instead we can have “a peace that surpasses all understanding”.

Knowing The Father is life eternal and the moment we start to know Him we effortlessly begin to love our neighbor as our self.

Mission was filled with a lot of drama but yet again I for one learned a lot from the mission experience. One of the cardinal lessons I learned was that helping others understand God’s will for their life will always shift the attention from our selfish egocentric ways to God’s goodness.

It is my hope that you will immerse yourself with me in the imaginative account of my experience. This, my friends, is my earnest hope and desperate desire. Relationships are at the heart of true Christianity and ignoring this fact will disqualify our profession of Christianity.

The text John 17:3 reveals the above provocative thought of Christianity being relational. This is because Jesus defines life eternal not in terms of days, months or years but simply a knowledge of God. Knowing The Father is life eternal and the moment we start to know Him we effortlessly begin to love our neighbor as our self.

Is it your desire to start being considerate and kind to someone you barely even know? Well, I don’t know your answer but it is a sure and great way of living life. Relationships that were created once we got to the campsite will, by Gods grace, last for eternity and revealing these relationships to you will be the purpose of the successive articles I will be writting. One such relationship was with a gentleman named Lawrence Chanda who is now the company leader at Mwandakwisano.

Until next time, may the LORD keep you and bless you, with much love.


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