In Pursuit of Character

In the christian sacred scriptures we are told that God preserves an accurate picture of our identities through names (Philippians 4:3; Revelations 3:5), names in the bible are carriers of Character, personality and individuality(Exodus 34:5,6). This suggests that as Dr Bacchiocchi observes in one of his articles (What We Will

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Is There Hope?

I had never been to the Eastern Province before, and being on the missionary expedition with IMPACT afforded me this opportunity. The ride was a bit rough, but breathtaking. The terrain was totally beautiful, it was more beautiful than what I had imagined it to be having heard about it. The mountains

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Unbelieving Believers

The words that the father with a son that was demon possessed exclaimed with tears in his eyes about his situation saying “i believe lord help my un-belief” is the prayer most of us need to pray. We may be acquainted with Christ and his service, we may know that

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Dear Jesus, I’ve Been Thinking

Dear Jesus, I’ve been thinking, the parchment of life has many parts linking; Individual stories aligned in synergy to solve a puzzle. Some filled with energy, radiating with solutions to life’s equations and giving answers that dazzle. Some lives are like science discoveries, intricately unlocking profound mysteries. Yet others manifest

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