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Would you like to become a member of Impact? Becoming a member of Impact has never been easier.  Either fill out the online form  here or download a copy of our form here and then fill it out. Once you have finished filling out the form either hit submit for the online form, or simply send the physical form to us. Once your form is successfully processed, we will get in touch with you. Its that easy!

Sunday Bible Study

Impact has regular Sunday Bible studies. These Sunday meetings have become a great source of encouragement and unity among Impact members. Our Sunday Bible studies are aimed at improving our knowledge and understanding of scriputre which in tern equips our memebrs with more scripural resources for the work of soul winning as well as helping us improve and devlop our individual and personal relationships with Jesus Christ.

Time & Location

Our Sunday studies take place from 14:00 to 17:00. We always try and keep our Sunday meetings short but filled with many uplifting and unifying studies. Most of our Sunday meetings take place at our headquarters which are located at Lusaka Central SDA Church.

Frequently Asked Questions

New Impact members have to be 18 years old an above to join the movement. This ensures that members are legally adults who made a conscious and free will decision to join the movement. However, Impact will be launching a new initiative called Impact Junior that encourages those bellow the age of 18 to join our missionary movement. Impact Junior will endeavour to develop children and teenagers into missionaries and useful members of society by inculcating principles of soul winning, love for all and excellence. 
Yes. Even though most missions are funded by well wishers and other stake holders,  those that wish to go on a mission trip are required to contribute a certain amount of money. This contribution is used to fund certain aspects of the missionaries trip such as food, transportation and general upkeep of the missionary and the mission site. However, Impact is aware that not all missionaries will be able to meet the required contribution per mission. For this reason, those that can not meet the contribution amount are encouraged to speak to any one of our mission coordinators to make arrangements for a payment plan.
Impact is developing an online library of free literature and evangelistic material that will be free to access and download. This in tern can either be shared online through socila media, email, etc or can be printed out and distributed in the users own time. However, if you would like specific material that is not available for download on our site, simply get in touch with any of or treasurers or training coordinators for information on how you can obtain these materials.

What to expect

Impact is a fun, loving, mission and Christ oriented movement. As such, new members can expect to be challenged to attain greater spiritual, social academic heights as well as developing a greater burden for soul winning and outreach. Impacts unique emphasis on outreach as well as personal excellence encourages its members to improve and excel in all aspects of their lives while also strengthening their love for all men and deepening their desire for mission work.   

Get connected

Get connected to our vast network of missionaries in Zambia as well as abroad. IMPACT also has a large number of affiliate organisations that we work with from time . Once a member of Impact, you will have the opportunity to network with like minded people from around the world. We encourage you to sign up and join Impact. We look forward to hearing from you soon and welcoming you to Impact. For more information or quires, please get in touch with us here .