Impact Leaders

The overall IMPACT structure consists of the council, board and executive.

The Council

The Council consists of all the members of IMPACT. Membership is voluntary, by admission through
executive approval. Members are characterised as either Going or Sending missionaries. Going
missionaries participate in work of IMPACT by providing, among other things, there manpower.
Sending missionaries on the other hand primarily provide financial, moral and spiritual support.

The Board

The Board six mission oriented Seventh-day Adventists. The board appraises and reviews the
performance of the Executive; coordinates programs and resource mobilisation; reviews and
approves policies and provides the contact and liaison with the Local Conference.

The Executive

The Executive plans, implements and coordinates programs. The IMAPCT Executive has the
following structure:

  1. President – The President is the Chairperson of the Executive and the official liaison and spokesperson for the
    Movement and is also a member of the Board.

  2. Vice President – IMPACT has two vice-presidents who may serve as the Chairperson of the Executive in the absence
    of the president. One vice president is in charge of Evangelism and the other Administration.

  3. Secretary-The Secretary maintains and organizes all records, documents and files; coordinates all
    communication; pursues constitutional and/or legal issues, including all ethical compliances and
    coordinates the implementation of the movement’s code of conduct and ethical guidelines.

  4. Treasury-Treasury consists of three treasurers responsible for resource mobilisation, projects and financial
    reporting respectively for the efficient use and management of assets and funds.

  5. Training Department-The Training department organises training sessions for all missionaries, leaders and evangelists in
    liaison with Chaplaincy. Training also coordinates the acquisition efforts of materials for the IMPACT
    Library and runs the IMPACT Missionary Training Centre.

  6. Chaplaincy-Chaplaincy provides spiritual leadership and counselling, and reviews and approves training
    materials; and is responsible for furnishing the IMPACT library with materials.

  7. Urban Missions-The Urban Missions Department is in charge of mission activities in urban areas and coordinates
    media ministry and programmes in association with Adventist Youth Societies and Campus

  8. Rural Missions-The Rural Missions Departments coordinates all rural mission projects, rural church planting and
    oversees Pioneer Missionaries.

  9. Community Service-The Community Service Department organises and coordinates prison ministries, orphanage
    visitations, hospital visitations, cleaning and feeding programs, disaster relief, community
    development and other related community service programs.

  10. Medical Missions-Medical Missions Department promotes healthful lifestyle within and outside the movement and
    coordinates all medical mission projects.

  11. Publicity-The Publicity Department promotes the movement, its events, programs and activities, and networks
    with other evangelistic groups across the world.

  12. Logistics-Logistics Department is responsible for arrangements for transportation, equipment, catering and
    music among other support functions for IMPACT programmes.